Sunday, 2 October 2011

A beautiful Indian Summer

Right now the UK is in the grips of a beautiful Indian Summer. At least that is what the news is calling it. I prefer to think of it as our summer weather just being REALLY late. Aside from having a few last BBQs and spending time outside we spent this weekend getting the garden sorted out for when the weather does decide to take a turn for the worse. We've harvested the carrots, made some new flower beds, planted the blackberry vine we've been training and lots of other little odd jobs.

The best part of this sunny lovely warm weather is that our tomato plants are still really going for it. Just holding out that we have a few more weeks before the first frost! Here are some pictures of how the garden is not that it's settled in.

The carrot harvest (1.799kgs!!) 
The new flower bed

Two new fall bushes and the blackberry vine

Two big fall roses!

Looking back up towards the house!

The end of week two

Just following on from the previous post here is how the bathroom is looking at the end of the builder's Saturday shift. It does feel a bit mean to have them here on Saturday when we're having a glorious Indian Summer, but at least we can finally start to see things take shape.

The shower has its special blue waterproof sealant painted and the first of the mosaic tiles for the tray are going in!

And over the bath the wall tiles are going in. We can't wait to see the finished product, but we think it looks great.

 Last and not least here is our new traditional style towel radiator. The last one we had was very modern and it was impossible to get towels on. So all around pretty much twelve shades of useless. Can't wait to see the progress we make next week and if the shower gets delivered!

The first signs of progress

Well we're two weeks down in the great bathroom re-do part two. Since it's been hard to get the time to put up these posts here are some pictures of where we were half way through the first week. The walls have been patched and plastered and the insulations is about to go in under the floor.

 Re-doing your bathroom always makes you happy for the small things. We may not have a shower, tub or sink, but at least we have a toilet! It doesn't quite have a working flush,but this hook up is not too bad.

Here's next big step (sorry that it's blurry)  with the floor tiles going in!! So excited to see it start to take shape.