Monday, 19 April 2010

The fabric

Now very exciting to me was the message that our fabric order for the two bedroom chairs was ready to pick up at lunch today. So of course round I went to John Lewis (great fabric selection btw) and waited and waited and waited. I got a bit nervous there had been some terrible mistake, but the nice salesperson then appeared with a large roll of fabric! YAY! It appears to be double sided one side very blue and one more neutral....not sure which side we'll use so let me know what you think.

An update

While we were off enjoying the delights of Val D'isere and trying to deal with the mess of the volcano in Iceland we did have some good news. Everything appears to be sorted out with the flat and we should complete on the half sale on Friday 23rd! So exciting. This means that with the six weeks the builder needs for the stairs we should be getting started the beginning of June. Hooray!

In the meantime there'll be plenty of small project updates now that the weather is nice and we're getting closer to D(estruction)-day. First up some chair recovering and shelving in the kitchen (pictures to come soon). Did I mention that the fabric for the chairs is coming from The Designers Guild (see old post). I'm so excited because I love their stuff and it's this really nice blue and cream/tan striped fabric. They are just hte two bedroom chairs we have, but I think it'll make such a difference. Once these are done we're going to save up and get the dining room chairs done. Don't know if it's even worth getting those until the work is done, but we'll see.

Most exciting of course is planning the garden and what we're going to do. So far it involves replacing all the fencing with a brick wall/fence mix, new paving, man cave (shed) and who knows whatelse. I just can't wait to have my first glass of wine in the sun!

Also, a big congrats to my lovely brother and sister-in-law who closed on their house last week and have moved in! Hope you have as much fun with yours as we have had with ours.

Check back soon for more...