Sunday, 20 March 2011

The dining room chimney

The last major piece of colored wall that I don't think I've put up yet is the chimney in the dining room. As you can see from the unpainted photo below it's more of an opening than a working chimney. Not letting that slow us down or get in the way we went for a nice bold green paint (green smoke farrow & ball). It will eventually be turned into a cupboard for boring things like ironing boards and mops, but we still think it looks pretty good as it is.

The stairs are 99% done

Well the to do list seems to never get any smaller, but we have had some major progress. The most painful job in history is almost done. We have two more coats of oil on the handrail and then the stairs are finished!!!

Here's another handy tip for future renovators. Pay someone to paint your staircase for you. It is by far the most frustrating, slow and tedious job you'll ever do. The most difficult part is that you have to find a way to get all the edges and bits done while still using it as a stairway. Not the easiest task believe me....especially when you need to put on at least 4 coats of pain.

 Anyways here are some pictures showing before and during photos.


 During 1
 During 2

Bathroom step stained to match the rest of the floors

After photos will have to wait until I fix a technical error with my camera lense!

Oh and despite the above grumbling and the sheer amount of time it took we are really happy with the results.