Monday, 9 April 2012

Garden Year 2

Last year we seemed to spend a lot of time trying to actually make our garden...well a garden. At one point it definitely resembled a small scale model of a World War I battlefield with only a rickety faded teal shed left standing.

This year on the first weekend where it wasn't freezing we decided to venture forth and see what had survived the winter. It appears quite a lot did. Amazingly even the strawberries seemed to have made it through despite multiple frosts and a snow. The stuff that didn't survive tended to be the stuff that I didn't mind so much if we lost.

So off we trotted to the local garden center and we came back with....more fruit plants than you can shake a rake at. We now have the following growing in our backyard:
- Ornamental Cherry (unedible fruit so I guess it counts)
- Dessert Cherry (edible YUM!) - New
- 2 blueberry bushes - New
- 2 blackcurrant bushes - New
- About a million strawberries (they grow like weeds!) - New and Old
- Cooking Apple tree

- Blackberry vines 

- Lots of tomato plants
- Oh and some peas

So we'll see how this all fares, but fingers crossed we won't be fruit shopping much come the summer time.

The carpet is in!

Now at Christmas I wrote that we didn't manage to get carpet in. You may be thinking "yeah right pretty sure you just got it in early January and are just being lazy with posting" Well right on one count and WRONG on another. I have been lazy, but the carpet after much wrangling didn't manage to make its way in to our lovely house until late February.  Seriously at that rate I was expecting an army of magic elves to do shifts weaving my carpet in-situ.

Still we are really pleased with the finished effect and with the choice of border on the stairs. Finally makes all those hours painting and re-painting the stairs feel worth it. Plus after having no carpet in your bedroom for almost 2.5 years you'd be pretty pleased to have just about anything down too. Just helps that it looks lovely.

First up two shots of the bedroom. Doesn't the new color look great with the carpet?

 Now the stairs and the landing. It actually dare I say it feels like a real adult house!

Still so much to do now that the big stuff is over and the first thing we did when winter kind of broke its hold was to get back out in the garden. Garden update coming next.