Monday, 23 August 2010

The Fence Man is my new BFF

Well today is official kick off day for the work on the house. This morning saw the kind of chaos only normally associated with a BOGOF offer on cheetoos at the trailer park Piggly Wiggly. At 8am I was desperately trying to clean my kitchen so the builders didn't think we were total dirtbags. Yes I realize that it was only the guys coming to rip out our fence, but my mama raised me right or at least raised me to know that a clean kitchen is important.

Not long after Rob, the garden guy, showed up with two of his team and then the carpenter arrived so Dom could talk him through all the ins and outs of the piece of architectural beauty we wanted, which would be best enjoyed when running up to use the bathroom. So when I left he was happily chatting away to the carpenter and the last thing I heard him murmur was "So what is your opinion on open string vs closed string stairs in an open space?"

As you can imagine I was all a flutter on the bus on the way home wanting to see the chaos wrecked upon my rotting horrible fence. It really was amazing and I can't believe how different it feels. Despite it not being the nicest day it just felt so open and sunny and totally different than my backyard. Here is how it looks when I got home:

Definitely thinking of raising an army and colonizing next door's garden. After all isn't colonization what the British do best?

Ps. I also love the fence guy because he put down dust sheets and vacuumed up all the dirt his team trekked through my house!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

The Builders Cometh Soon (aka let the panic begin)

Well I know it's been a while since I've posted, but this is because the house is, and has been for a couple of week, in complete chaos. Now most of you will know that I don't use this word lightly. Currently the iMac is being used as the tv in our bedroom (who knew I could watch almost all of Time Team online!) and it is a bit hard to type when I can barely see the keyboard. Also, we've been trying to find the right guy to sort out the fence, ripping out shelving, stripping wall paper, packing up most of our worldly goods downstairs and a million other things in preparation for the builders.

So there has been much hard grafting and grumbling going on in the household of late. Spending nine hours steaming wallpaper while hubby is sunning himself in France with a cider in his hand does not lead to marital bliss. It does lead to a reallly derelict looking living room though! I have now realised that my dining room was at one point baby blue and before that a particularly grim shade of green. the good news is that the space feels humongous after ripping out the cupboards. Here are some after pics:

And the after shot!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Backyard progress

Well as you can probably guess we've been spending a lot of time in the backyard and by a lot of time I mean like every weekend for a month. This is pretty amazing in itself because in order to do that it meant that we had to have decent weather. In fact we had really nice weather so it was actually really nice to be productive outside. Here is a before picture of the garden just to remind you about what it looked like before we got started:

 Just a small selection of the rubble sacks we ended up with. I liked to consider it a modern art piece...

Here's what it looks like now. So lots of progress, but still lots to go. Despite getting rid of what must be 1.5 tonnes of gravel I can't believe we still have to seive the dirt to get rid of more. I think they are breeding there are so many of them. Good news is the fence is going soon!

The view from the far back corner up towards the house. Wow!