Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The first big purchase

When we decided to do this last stage of work on the house we decided that it wasn't just the house that needed to go through the "out with the old in with the new" process. We also managed to sell our sofa, large armchair and footstool as well as redistribute lots of our other pieces among family. In fact the only pieces we kept for the front two rooms was the dining table and chairs, corner crystal cabinet and fire screen.

So it's no surprise that sofa shopping was very high on the list. What will also not come as a surprise to anyone who has been through this without using up one of your three wishes from the genie is that the process is the most frustrating process you can ever go through. Not only do you have to find a style you like, but you have to find a fabric and leg design you like. You also have to bring in the comfy factor and finally decide in a setting that in no way whatsoever resembles you house decide if it will even fit/work in the space. So there we found ourselves wandering around the sofa showroom bleary eyed and sweaty palmed clutching fabric samples and throw pillows.   Yeah it was a long day despite the free sparkling water and cappuccinos...come to think of it the caffeine probably didn't help.  

Today saw the result of that long day with the delivery of our lovely new sofa that feels like the perfect purchase but also helps show how much else we need to get for the front room! So be prepared for must more posts to come. Here's the sofa (including the lovely green striped cushions that help continue the green theme)!!

Ps. Just a complete non-house picture of the most ambitious dessert plate I've ever made (with some help): Sticky Chocolate Pecan Pie, 12 Layer Mocha Cake and Which Chocolate Tiramisu. YUM YUM!