Saturday, 30 January 2010

A touch of inspiration

Well we figured out today that with a little bit of shifting things around we can move our next round of home renovations from August/September to April. I can't tell you how exciting that would be. So with this in mind and dreaming about all the nice finishing touches (hey it's a dream not a nightmare I'm gonna skip all the construction part) I looked at all our stuff and wondered with the new open plan layout where we would put everything. Then I saw this.....

Now the rug's not my style, but love these boxes and the floor is pretty much bang on what we'll be doing. The best part about this is we can make it quickly and easily while also being able to make the boxes as big or small as we want them. It's the little things that do it for me! Will put the plans up so you can see what we're thinking of doing soon.

Friday, 22 January 2010

First post of the new year

Well Happy 2010 to everyone and happy it's almost February! YAY! Can't say I'm a big fan of January with all the snow and miserable weather and early evenings we're having. However, there is one thing that I can't help but consider a bright spot on my commute home. That's this piece of beautiful hardware..part functional and part piece of art:

Now if I hadn't already bought all of my stuff for the kitchen and redone it I would seriously be considering taking out a third mortgage to pay for this. It looks even more impressive through the window of the kitchen showroom.

This is the Kitchen Triflow by Zaha Hadid and the website doesn't say how much it is, translation way more than any sane person would ever pay for a kitchen tap. However, I must say though if you are looking for a focal point in the room and have a sink on an island/breakfast bar you would be hardpressed to top this. Definitely an investment piece, but like many investment pieces it's worth it.

Draft plans for the next massive possible if we ever go crazy and win the lottery project for the house have been drawn (thanks hubby) so might put them up soon.