Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween my little ghouls and gobblins.

As the house renovations are taking a fairly general pause my life is filled with other exciting projects like cleaning paint off window panes....then again maybe not. So to not let the blog fall into rack and ruin while we save up for the next round of sledgehammers and builders I thought I could expand my remit to cover more general fab house stuff.

Now that I have a working kitchen (and a fab one at that) I am really enjoying digging through my recipe books and seeing what I can come up with. Plus since all three of us are big foodies when Rich suggested we try and make "real" pasta this weekend I thought sure why not I've stained floors and helped refurbish windows how hard can this be? Answer: Not hard, but very sticky.

We followed a basic egg pasta recipe of flour and lots of eggs and then covered in seran wrap and left to sit in the fridge for half and hour thinking about what it had done. After half and hour the true battle began as most of it had stuck itself to the plastic wrap. Most of a bag of flour later we had achieved the following: an incredibly dirty floor, flour masks on both of us and some lovely pasta sheets. So in an effort to use leftovers and for ease we decide to make raviolli using the beef,carrot and celery homemade ragu from the night before. Here's the finished result, not exactly food porn, but I'm hoping they'll taste good tonight while I'm hiding from all the little hooligans who are out to create havoc tonight.

Oh and just another thing, which ever busybody actually thinks this will prevent you from being bothered on Halloween doesn't understand kids. Putting this on your door is an invitation to get pelted by eggs. Just a thought...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Inspired by a fireplace

Well you would think that with the kitchen and bathroom in and well and truly broken in we would be sitting back and enjoying ourselves for a while. How untrue that is. We've just finished having the roof replaced and let me tell you none too soon. Winter seems to be coming on strong here and in celebration we turned on the gas fire today for the first time. There is something very warm and cozy about having a fireplace with a real fire in it (not least because it gives heat). So this got my mind thinking about how we can show off the fireplace when we re-do the front room in the spring.

I think the term that "real" decorators use is feature wall for this type of idea. So I though that since there will be cupboards on both sides (painted white) and we're planning on keeping most of the other stuff in the room neutral a really nice bold bit of wallpaper would look nice. I know I've ranted about wallpaper on here before, but really that's just because it's bad wallpaper. I mean bad taste is painful, but even more so when it's permanently stuck onto your wall forever. Ugh.
So here are a few options we're looking at. I think we are leaning towards the third or last option. Let me know your thoughts: